STEP 1: Does your Business Qualify for SurePay Credit Services?

In order to qualify as a SurePay Business partner, you must reside in a State where SurePay is currently licensed AND you must sell qualifying products or services.

SurePay is licensed in the following US States (Contact us for a schedule of next states we are currently pursuing for licensing):

cropped-SurePay-Logo4.png   Utah

cropped-SurePay-Logo4.png   Arizona

Expanding rapidly into neighboring states shown below:

Do you have a laptop, desktop, notepad or tablet that is accessible for client internet access (to the SurePay portal)? This will be used to complete the on-line credit application and approval process.

Do you have a physical storefront or office location?

SurePay currently provides credit services for merchants selling the following products and services:

* Automotive Repair

* Auto Body

* Auto Tires and Rims