SurePay Client Credit

With traditional financial institutions clamping down on credit, it makes it nearly impossible for good clients without ideal credit to qualify for a loan. Thus, the demand for alternative financing has materialized, with alternative lenders (like SurePay) who are willing to provide funding options in order to help merchants acquire more clients and to help clients acquire more products and services. It's a match made in heaven. Clients want stuff and need things done for them, the merchant has stuff and can do things for you...SurePay makes the stuff transfer and the getting things done all possible...which means clients get to buy their stuff and and get their things done and the merchant is happy selling it to the client.

SurePay does this by becoming a finance partner with qualified merchants, and then providing the client with loan options (indirectly through the merchant) that they wouldn't qualify for otherwise.

SurePay provides credit in the form of Retail Installment Contract (not leases or loans) and as a result is different than most alternative finance options for clients like yourself. This means greater flexibility in funding products or services, even if the clients financial situation is non-ideal.

Do these situations sound familiar to you as a client?

  1. You're driving down the road, blow a tire and you don't have the funds to buy new tires. You can't go without your transportation.
  2. Your refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher or water heat goes out. You're cash strapped, but can't do without these critical appliances.
  3. You're watching a movie and you crack your tooth on a popcorn kernel! Ouch. You know a crown is outside of your budget.
  4. Your special day is approaching and you want to buy that special ring and don't want to scrimp. Funds are low.
  5. Your 1995 Chevy Malibu won't propel you another inch with a new transmission installed. Wow, that's expensive.

We want to help you get past these curve balls life throws at you. You're not always in an ideal situation financially, and sometimes you just need a little boost to help you through a challenging time. With SurePay, these options become a reality by working through your qualified merchant or service professional. SurePay provides many payment options to fit your situation, such as a 90-DAY SPECIAL OFFER (with minimal fees) period, an early payoff DISCOUNT that can be exercised any time after the initial 90-days or the option to make regular, timely payments through the full, 12-month term of the loan.

So how does the SurePay program work?

First of all, find a qualified merchant to work with, then get pre-qualified and finally, select your product or service. The SurePay program is an automated, on-line loan solution that makes approvals fast and doesn't require a credit inquiry and provides you with instant credit. This alternative financing is one of the easiest steps to acquire additional cash for those unforeseen situations and circumstances.

The steps to the right of this screen will help you through the process of qualifying for and applying for credit. So what are you waiting for? Take the sure steps to get going!